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Dress Code
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     A student has the right to attend classes dressed to suit his individual preference as long as his personal appearance does not constitute a hazard to his health, safety, or welfare. Also, a student's personal appearance must not cause a disruption that interferes with the orderly presentation of classroom materials and the educational process. For those students who wish to not abide by the the following dress code and personal appearance requirements, parental consent is required. Consent is acknowledged after the parents have had a personal conference with the school administration and given the Administration written parental consent for their child to violate the dress code and the particulars of the dress code which shall be waived.
     Absent parental consent to the contrary, the school, standing in place of the parents, requires the following in the personal appearance of its students:


  1. Well kept haircuts are to be worn. Hair is not to go over the eyebrows or touch the top of the ear. Hair to be cut so that no large portion is on the back of the head. Hair should not be on or over the shirt collar. Sideburns are to be no lower than the bottom of the center lobe of the ear. They should be neat and well trimmed.
  2. All shirts are to be tucked in unless styled to be worn out.
  3. No cleats or heel plates are to be worn. Boots that go above ankle are not to be worn to classes.
  4. Chains, jewelry, and necklaces are not to be worn outside the shirt.
  5. Beards and mustaches will not be allowed. Students must be clean shaven.
  6. No clothing will be allowed that will cut, scratch, or damage school furniture.
  7. All clothing must be clean.


  1. No hair clips or hair in rollers will be allowed.
  2. Girls' skirts or dresses must not measure more than 4" above the top of the knee while standing.
  3. Only skirts with blouses or sweaters and dresses are allowed during the school day. Culottes are permitted if they are the proper length.
  4. Blouses and skirts are to be tucked in unless styled to be worn out.
  5. Sport clothing may be worn to athletic events.
  6. Boots that go above the ankle are not to be worn to class.
  7. All clothing must be clean.