Lincoln-Way Central High School
Class of 1972

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8th Grade Pictures
National Honor Society
Back Row: G. Stoneburger, J. Been, B. Roach, G. Heckler, J. Turner, M. Hossbach, T. Ryan, M. Nutter, J. Clark,
D. Greene, R. Niemi.
Middle Row: Mr. L. Coats, S. Mannell, M. Connell, J. Schilling, S. Hicks, D. Braun, G. McCune,
D. Hecht, M. Ward, J. Hamilton, T. Paben, T. Zaspel. 
Front Row: Miss V. Bachman, L. Casalina, J. Pleviak, J. Crabb,
P. Williamson, M. Leber, P. Stead, M. Kerr, K. Keener, K. Fixari, J. Homerding.